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Chapter 8



8.1.  General.  Although AFJROTC does not have cadet weight or physical fitness training (PFT) standards, we encourage cadets to establish their own physical fitness training program.  For cadets enrolling in a college ROTC program, service academy, or for those enlisting in a military service, they will have to attain and maintain weight and physical fitness standards, Figure 8.1.  If you start a program now and stay physically active, you will reap the benefits of a physically fit body throughout your adulthood. If you are physically fit, you will perform better in school and in all of your activities.  For your guidance and information, the ASI will have all information on AFJROTC Standards and Awards in his or her office. Cadets’ standards are outlined in accordance with his or her gender and age, Figure 8.2.


8.2.  Policies.  The ASI will follow the procedures and instructions outlined in the AFJROTC E2C Wellness Program. The issued AFJROTC Physical Fitness Training Uniform must be worn on PFT days which are normally held on Fridays or any other days as so designated by the ASI. Cadets who fail to dress out will earn a zero as a grade unless they were excused by the ASI.


8.2.1. The PFT Program may include numerous activities and a personal fitness regimen that will have obtainable objectives.  The PFT Officers of the various flights will be responsible for inputting the individual cadet PFT results in the AFJROTC wellness tracking system.


8.3.  Physical Fitness Training Award Program.  The unit Physical Training Officer will announce with instructions (contingent on the ASI’s approval) the dates of the physical fitness tests.  There will be six exercises, Figure 8.2, that will be graded. Cadets that score in the 70-79 percentile will be awarded the PFT ribbon. Those cadets scoring in the 80-89 percentile will be awarded the PFT ribbon with a Bronze Star. Cadets scoring in the 90-99 percentile will be awarded the PFT ribbon with a Silver Star. Finally, those cadets scoring in the 100 percentile will earn the PFT ribbon with a Gold Star.


8.4.  Competitions.  During the year, physical fitness and athletic competitions will become a part of field days, flight, and other corps competitions.   

AFJROTC TX-20005 Cadet Handbook

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Figure 8.1.  Air Force Weight Standards










































Figure 8.2.  AFROTC Physical Fitness Assessment Chart























































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