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Chapter 6



6.1.  Drill and ceremonies are an important part of AFJROTC training.  As a first year Aerospace Science cadet, you will learn basic drills and how to follow commands.  We will spend a lot of time outside and in the gym developing your drill and ceremonies skills. The primary reference which all cadets will become familiar during leadership training is the Drill and Ceremonies manual.  As a second, third, and fourth year cadet, you will learn more difficult commands, lead the formation, and must be able to train cadets on proper drill sequences, commands, and basic drill fundamentals.


6.2.  Mandatory Flight Commands. All second, third, and fourth year cadets must command a flight  and have it execute a number of commands in a predetermined sequence as outlined in Figure 6.1.  The cadet serving as Flight Commander will report in and out by saluting the individual who judges the flight's performance.  Cadets will be graded on their ability to properly execute these commands and direct the flight within a specified drill area.  

Figure 6.1.  Mandatory Drill Commands


Flight Commander Will Report In


1.  Fall In                               16.  To the Rear March

2.  Open Ranks March         17.  To the Rear March

3.  Ready Front                     18.  Column Right March

4.  Close Ranks March         19.  Forward March

5.  Present Arms                   20.  Eyes Right

6.  Order Arms                      21.  Ready Front

7.  Parade Rest                     22.  Column Right March

8.  Attention                           23.  Forward March

9.  Left Face                          24.  Change Step March

10.  About Face                     25.  Column Right March

11.  Forward March               26.  Forward March

12.  Right Flank March          27.  Flight Halt

13.  Left Flank March            28.  Left Face

14.  Column Right March      29.  Right Step March

15.  Forward March              30.  Flight Halt

Flight Commander will Salute to Signify Completion

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